4Minute on Wowowee (Philippine Noon Show) [HD Video]

4Minute hits one of the highest-rated noontime shows in the Philippines…

The 4minute girls are currently on their Asian tour and they have finally set foot on the “Pearl of the Orient,” bringing their foreign music to perform for their fans.

They have been invited to Wowowee despite of the show’s strictness in talent scheduling (performers usually reserve spots to perform in Wowowee as it is one of the best noontime shows in the country) because fans have requested for them to perform on Philippine national TV.

Here is their cut (credits to veernez@youtube)

Translation of the host(Mariel)’s introduction to the girls

Here it is everyone: From the television set to MTV they have really amazed us.

After Boys over Flowers, Wonder Girls and 2ne1, this is a Korean girl group that will surely invade our hearts.

The girls performed their song called “What a Girl Wants” and received a warm applause from everyone in the crowd. Each member learned some Tagalog words beforehand in order to introduce themselves to the Filipinos.

Words they use were: “Kami Ang” (We are), “Ako si” (I am), “Mabuhay” (Long live!), and “Bonggang Bongga” (Tagalog slang for “awesome”).

The girls had their translator with them and didn’t speak much but they did a little sampling of more of their songs like “Hot Issue,” “Muzik” and “What A Girl Wants” towards the end.

The people of the crowd, though many do not know of them because of age variation still clapped and cheered for the talent the girls made them witness.

They ended their performance and many interview with “Thank You’s” and waves to the fans.

Now, Filipinos will surely look out for more of 4Minute!


I stayed up until 3:30 AM to see this live on The Filipino Channel. Yes, it’s a noontime show but in the USA, they show it twice and I chose to see the earlier broadcast 😉 HAHA. yes, I’m a dork..

And I can proudly say that I am a fangirl of JiYoon. Oh so talented and pretty~~


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  1. RockBarbie20 Said:

    LOL @ Mariel pronouncing their names WEIRDLY.. and props to JiYoon for the bonggang bongga!!!!!!!! WUHOOO! FTW!

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